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If you have an apartment in the Tri-City or consider purchasing an apartment for investment purposes, please contact us.

We offer comprehensive professional services in property management through short-term and long-term rentals.

The short-term form of rental is the perfect way to enjoy high profits, while long-term rental brings in lower profits, but stable and predictable.

The Tri-City is very popular among tourists from Poland and experiences a growing interest on the part of foreign visitors, which drives up the demand for accommodation services.

Our goal is to ensure the highest possible occupancy of your apartment as well as to take good care of its technical condition and cleanliness. We have ten years of experience in the hotel industry and several years in apartment rentals. We want each owner who starts working with us to feel satisfied and happy with this cooperation month after month.

We invite you to partner with us.

In order to learn more about the detailed conditions of cooperation, please contact us by phone on +48 517 727 460, +48 500 835 045
or via email at