Apartments Gdansk

Apartments Gdansk

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Apartments in Gdańsk– overnight rentals

If you are looking for comfortable accommodation for tourist or business purposes, we offer deals on apartments in the centre of Gdańsk to meet all your expectations. Comfort Apartments offers luxurious, fully equipped apartments, adapted to the requirements of various client groups. Gdańsk is a great location for organisers of any business or cultural events, which stimulates the market for hotel services. Tourist traffic in the Tri-City region is increasingly intense, creating the need to provide visitors with comfortable and spacious apartments, located within a walking distance of the centre. Our rental apartments in Gdańsk combine the highest comfort, proximity to the most important landmarks in the city and competitive prices. Tourists who wish to make the most of their travels will appreciate an apartment with a view of the sea. It is hard to find a better end to a busy day than have a cup of good tea, admiring the sunset over the sea. That is why we offer luxury apartments on the sea coast complete with all modern conveniences and breath-taking views for a wonderful holiday experience. Comfort Apartments will bring a new quality to your holiday in Gdańsk.

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Our apartments offer overnight rental deals that have recently become a viable alternative to regular hotel stays. For clients needing to rent modern apartments, Gdańsk city centre is one of the most important areas of search. We want to provide you with well-equipped space for leisure and business as you enjoy your stay in Gdańsk. Overnight stay apartments offer an alternative to hotels. For a similar price, you can access fully equipped spacious apartments considerably larger than hotel rooms. The large usable floor space makes these apartments a popular choice for families with children. The Old Town Apartments offered by Comfort Apartments are gaining popularity among clients, supporting the tourist and business sector in Gdańsk.

Short-term rentals apartments in Gdańsk – excellent facilities

We make every effort to ensure that our rental apartments offer luxurious facilities. With Comfort Apartments rental service, you gain access to a high standard, good location and a competitive price package. A full list of equipment is available in the offer description. Rental apartments on offer from our company are standardised in terms of internal furnishings and equipment. All apartments for rent have access to high-speed wi-fi and a high-definition flat-screen TV. When you rent luxury apartments from us, you do not have to worry about parking spaces as each has its own parking spot to make sure that you can quickly and safely station your vehicle throughout your stay. The parking space is included in the price of your stay. Fresh bed linen and a set of towels are provided for each apartment every night. A set of basic toiletries is provided in the bathroom, cutting down the number of things you will need to take with you on your trip. Our overnight rentals in Gdańsk also offer many other amenities, such as a well-equipped kitchen where you can prepare a meal, which is particularly convenient for tourist stays. Preparing breakfast or dinner yourself reduces the cost of your stay, freeing up your funds to enjoy local attractions. An apartment with a sea view is a great setting for an evening meal together after a busy day of sightseeing. The apartments in the centre of Gdańsk are just the right deal for the most demanding tourists and business clients, who appreciate the highest comfort and excellent location. When it comes to apartments, Gdańsk definitely stands out among many Polish cities, offering countless attractions and modern infrastructure. Short-term rental is becoming an extremely advantageous solution. Short-stay rentals often offer more flexibility and space than hotels, and therefore provide more value for money within a similar price range.

Luxury apartments in Gdańsk – booking rules

If you would like to book an apartment in Gdańsk, we recommend using our dedicated online form. A simple accommodation search engine created by Comfort Apartments significantly speeds up the whole process. Once you have entered your arrival date, planned length of stay and number of guests, you will receive a summary of the best deals matching your selected search criteria. Our overnight-stay apartments are top-of-the-range spaces with the highest standard of finish. When you click on “search for apartment”, you will see a list of the best locations. You can select apartments according to their floor space or search for specific facilities, such as access to a wellness area. When booking overnight rentals, you have the option of using an online payment system. To make a booking you can also call our consultant. Our specialists offer professional assistance to people interested in modern apartments for rent in Gdańsk. An intuitive booking system designed to cater for people with busy schedules, makes the process of renting an apartment quick and efficient. When it comes to apartments in Gdańsk, short-term rentals are an excellent option, offering great value for money and a range of other benefits.

Short-term rental of Old Town apartments in Gdańsk

It is hard to overestimate the advantages of renting apartments in the heart of the Old Town in Gdańsk. Our offer allows you to rent apartments for overnight stays in the most beautiful parts of Gdańsk. From here, in just a few minutes, you can reach the most important monuments, stroll along historic streets, and relish the aromas of dishes prepared in local restaurants. Gdańsk never ceases to impress tourists, who come here every year with their families. When it comes to apartments in Gdańsk, short-term rentals are a proposal not only for holidaymakers. Gdańsk city centre also offers many excellent places for business trips. More and more companies want to use the charm of coastal cities for company conventions or conferences. There is nothing better than an apartment with a sea view, which you can now offer to your most important guests. Gdańsk is a city experiencing rapid growth, which is driving the local accommodation market. The luxury apartments available at Comfort Apartments are in line with modern trends in hospitality. Unlike traditional hotels, rental apartments provide privacy and a higher level of comfort. Their unquestionable advantage is also their location – the very centre of Gdańsk. Feel free to look at our comprehensive offer of perfectly equipped apartments to provide you with a relaxing experience after meetings with contractors or the unique atmosphere of the city during your holidays.

Luxury apartments for rent now

Our extensive offer of apartments for rent in Gdańsk means that you can tailor your accommodation to your personal preferences. During the summer season, it is advisable to make reservations well in advance, as there is great interest in this type of accommodation. Vacant rental apartments can be snatched up at a moment’s notice. All apartment spaces are regularly prepared for the next rental, so that they are waiting in full readiness to receive new guests. It is worth mentioning that when it comes to good locations, the Old Town in Gdańsk has excellent reviews. Both business and tourist visitors appreciate the beautiful historic surroundings and the proximity of the city’s most outstanding landmarks. When it comes to rental space we provide, our clients appreciate the high standard of the interiors and the full range of furnishings. By renting one of our apartments, you can feel like a VIP and enjoy a well-deserved rest after an exhausting day. Apartments in the centre of Gdańsk will provide you with a quintessential holiday experience. The option to book a vacant apartment at short notice gives you full freedom when planning your trip. Gdańsk attracts visitors with its captivating urban layout, wonderful history and world-famous monuments. The Old Town in Gdańsk is particularly impressive after sunset, when the facades of the buildings are bathed in spectacular illuminations. If you need help finding the best apartment for you, our staff will be happy to seek out a deal that matches your individual needs. Our offer of Old Town Apartments is a list of premium deals for the most demanding tourists or business clients, who want to spend their time in Gdańsk in luxurious conditions, having all the attractions at their fingertips.

Apartments in Gdańsk city centre with a sea view

By renting an apartment with a sea view, you gain the opportunity to spend an extraordinary time in a beautiful city, enjoying the magnificent coastal panorama and breathing in the healthy air. Apartments with a sea view have always been an all-time favourite. At Comfort Apartments we offer accommodation equipped with modern conveniences and furnished to the exacting standards for this type of offer. With our services, Gdańsk gains a base of luxurious accommodations, opening itself up to tourist and business traffic. We encourage you to take a look at the portfolio of apartments from Comfort Apartments, designed for the highest comfort and access to many attractions in their immediate vicinity.

Overnight stays in Gdańsk – offer by Comfort Apartments

We are convinced that a stay in Gdańsk is the best idea for a holiday or a corporate conference. By offering the best overnight stays in luxury apartments, we provide comfortable spaces. We open up new opportunities to enjoy the charms of the city, bringing guests into the very centre of its cultural life. A stay in the centre of Gdańsk is synonymous with perfect accommodation. The short-term rental apartments we offer meet the needs of many groups of clients, providing them with a perfect holiday experience.

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