Apartments Sopot

Apartments Sopot

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Apartments in Sopot – short-term rentals

We offer luxury apartments for rent in Sopot. Fully furnished, richly equipped spaces of various sizes are a guarantee of a pleasant and comfortable stay. Among our proposals you will find apartments located in the most prestigious locations of the city. Whether you are looking for exclusive accommodation in the city centre or in close proximity to the sea, our offer will certainly allow you to find a place suitable for you. A beach or nightlife lover, as well as a person coming to Tricity for business or cultural experience will find the ideal apartment with a sea view.

Rental apartments in Sopot – close to the sea and the city centre

Our luxury apartments in Sopot will satisfy even the most demanding comfort lovers. We offer apartments for rent with areas ranging from 25 to 120 m2. The apartments are spacious, well-lit with natural light and richly equipped. Depending on their size, they allow for a comfortable stay of a few days for several people. Our apartments are a recommended alternative to guest houses and hotels. Our guests have numerous facilities at their disposal. Each apartment has at least one bathroom with a washing machine, shower or bathtub, as well as a kitchen or kitchen annex. Kitchen facilities include a modern fridge, coffee machine, kettle, ceramic or induction hob, as well as the necessary utensils and dishes. The larger apartments additionally include an oven, dishwasher and toaster. Guests are also offered a certain number of sleeping places in comfortable bedrooms, either on foldable sofas or beds. Those renting apartments for an overnight stay can also make use of clean bed linen, freshly laundered towels and essential toiletries in the bathroom.

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In addition, each accommodation unit features a premium TV with cable access, a hairdryer and a roomy (walk-in) wardrobe. High-speed wireless Internet access is also available, allowing guests to conveniently connect to the network around the clock. Renters may also use a hoover, a clothes dryer, an ironing board and an iron. Such extensive and practical facilities will make you feel at home. Specific amenities depend on the standard and location of the apartment.

Comfortable apartments – Lower Sopot

Comfort Apartments offer features luxurious apartments in Sopot with different sizes and interior layouts. The apartments range in size from 25 to 35 m2 and are ideal for one or several people, including families with a child. Despite their smaller size, the units are characterised by cleverly planned space to make your stay even more comfortable. The rental apartments, ranging from 40 to 90 m2 in size, consist of one or two bedrooms, a large living room and a bathroom. They are suitable for larger groups of friends or families with children. We offer units designed for four, five, six or even seven people. The available apartments are distinguished not only by their high-end furnishings and stylish space design, but also by additional amenities. An apartment with a sea view, equipped with a large balcony or terrace, will enable you to relax in the evening and enjoy your outdoor breakfast. We also offer apartment rentals of up to 120 m2. This exclusive accommodation consists of a spacious living room, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The apartment has modern furnishings and is the ideal choice for those seeking the highest standard and luxury on a daily basis. The unique décor gives the space unmistakable character.

Rental apartments in Sopot – why is it a good idea?

Rental apartments are an increasingly popular alternative to hotels or guesthouses due to their numerous advantages. So why should you choose to rent a luxury apartment from Comfort Apartments instead of staying in a traditional resort? Renting an apartment in Sopot is first and foremost a guarantee of a high level of comfort. Our apartments are modern units in excellent condition and richly furnished. In these spaces you will find most of the equipment and appliances present in ordinary apartments. A fridge, gas or induction hob, kettle, hairdryer, washing machine and coffee-making facilities are all basic devices that should never be missing from the kitchen or bathroom of a rental apartment. In addition, selected units provide guests with a dishwasher, oven, hoover or iron to make their stay even more enjoyable. Such equipment will help you feel at home in your accommodation. You don’t have to worry that you’ll have to borrow or even purchase the necessary equipment in the event of an emergency, such as when you need to iron your clothes or quickly dry your hair. This is because the essential equipment in the apartment means that you don’t have to bring any excessive baggage. Apartments for overnight stays are also a great solution for larger groups. If you want to live together, but value privacy and your own space, apartments in Sopot near the sea are the best solution. Our accommodations are usually divided into several spaces, have a living room and separate bedrooms. This layout provides a sense of intimacy and makes it possible for everyone to have their own personal space and at the same time to spend time together, for example in the kitchen or living room. If you are on holiday or staying with a group of friends, acquaintances or colleagues, this is a much better solution than sharing one or more rooms in a hotel or guesthouse. You do not have to be afraid of high expenses, because apartment rental in Sopot at Comfort Apartments is very affordable. Also, it is not uncommon for the rental of several apartments to prove much more cost-efficient than renting several hotel rooms for each person on the trip. Many people prefer to prepare their own meals while on holiday. This is a great option for various reasons, especially when one of the people has special dietary requirements. In addition, cooking by yourself, especially for several people, is much cheaper than dining out several times a day. After all, cooking with friends or family is another opportunity to spend time together. Long conversations and jokes while preparing a meal help bring people closer together and bond. The rental apartments on offer have fully equipped kitchens or kitchen annexes, so there is no problem with meal preparation. Another unquestionable advantage of these apartments is their location. An apartment in Sopot close to the sea allows you to get to the beach and the pier quickly, without having to travel by car or public transport. In this way, you save valuable time, as well as the money you would need to spend on fares or fuel. With the apartments located close to the Baltic Sea, you can hang out at the beach at any time you like without tedious and time-consuming travelling. The short distance to the sea is also a great advantage when returning to your room. Contrary to what you might think, a full day of playing, swimming or sunbathing can be exhausting and really wear you out. Many people, after spending a day like this, only dream of having a quick meal and going to bed, rather than making the long journey back. In this case, the luxury apartments in Sopot located near the sea do an excellent job.

Sopot – the summer capital of Poland

Sopot is one of the most famous Polish resorts on the Baltic Sea, for years attracting thousands of tourists from Poland and abroad during the summer season. It is not without reason that it is sometimes called the “summer capital of Poland”. Beautiful, wide beaches, the famous wooden pier and other places of interest are some of the city’s best attractions that provide you with an unforgettable time throughout the year. What is worth seeing in Sopot? When visiting the Tricity area, it is essential to visit the Sopot pier, which is the longest wooden structure of its kind in Europe. It is more than half a kilometre long and its platform offers a picturesque view of the city and yachts moored in the bay. On either side of the pier is a charming sandy beach over 4 km long and 110 metres wide. The beach is characterised by excellent infrastructure. Sun lounger hire, bars and cafés, as well as attractions for children, mean that there is something for everyone. A must-see when visiting Sopot is Bohaterów Monte Casino Street, also known among the locals as Monciak. It is a street full of charming restaurants, shops, café gardens and pubs that is closed to vehicular traffic. It attracts tourists especially in the summer, but it is also a good idea to stroll along the famous Monciak in the remaining months of the year. During the season, it is a vibrant, bustling place filled with people taking a leisurely walk or on the way to the clubs. Bohaterów Monte Casino Street is also home to Krzywy Domek (Crooked Little House) – one of the most characteristic buildings in Poland, an instantly recognisable landmark in Sopot. The building houses numerous cafés, discos, pubs and restaurants where you can eat, dance and have a good time. When renting an apartment in Sopot and sightseeing in the city, a visit to the Forest Opera is also highly recommended. Opened in 1909, this venue is distinguished by its attractive location and very good acoustics. The amphitheatre is famous primarily for the popular music festivals that take place there every year. The place also plays host to rock, blues and classical music bands and sometimes even fashion shows. The opera house is located in a forest, an excellent spot for a picnic or a leisurely stroll. Our rental apartments in Sopot are not far from the main attractions, so definitely consider them when choosing your perfect accommodation!

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